Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – (LSSYB)

Our Lean Six Sigma Training will help you understand what Lean Six Sigma is and how it works so you can begin improving processes right away.

  • Pre-Requisite: None
  • Training & Certification (includes PDF certificate)
  • 8 hours, self-paced, completely online
  • Accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Globally recognized (8 PDUs)

Yellow Belt Training includes:

  • What Lean Six Sigma is
  • Why organizations use Lean Six Sigma
  • How Lean Six Sigma works (DMAIC Methodology)

Yellow Belt Certification includes:

  • Exam: 50 multiple choice Questions (unlimited re-takes)
  • PDF Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Free Membership to our Yellow Belt Certified Group on LinkedIn

LSSYB Training & Certification – Course Outline

Here’s what you’ll learn in GoLeanSixSigma.com’s Yellow Belt course.

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

  • What is Lean Six Sigma?
  • Where did it originate?
  • Why is it so effective and popular?

Lean Six Sigma Roles

  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt
  • Master Black Belt
  • Champion

The 8 Wastes (DOWNTIME)

  • Defects
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Non-Utilized Employees
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Extra Processing

DMAIC Overview

  • Define Phase – Define the problem.
    • Project Charter (Tool)
    • Defining Value: Voice of the Customer (VOC) (Tool)
    • High Level Process Map: SIPOC (Tool)
  • Measure Phase – Quantify the problem.
    • Selecting Measures
    • Data Collection Planning
    • Operational Definitions
    • Capturing Baseline Data
  • Analyze Phase – Identify the cause of the problem.
    • Process Analysis
    • The 5 Whys and the Fishbone Diagram (Tool)
    • Pareto Charts (Tool)
    • Develop a Hypothesis
  • Improve Phase – Implement and verify the solution.
    • Optimize Flow
    • Mistake-Proofing: Poka-yoke (Tool)
    • Visual Management and 5S
  • Control Phase – Maintain the solution.
    • Process Control Plan (Tool)
    • Monitoring and Response Plan (Tool)
    • Documentation and Storyboard
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