GDPR Assessment

Rapid technological developments have brought new challenges for the protection of personal data. Technology allows both private companies and public authorities to make use of personal data on an unprecedented scale in order to pursue their activities. Individuals increasingly make personal information available publicly and globally.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) specifies the requirements for the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. GDPR constitutes the protection of personal data of employees, customers and others. It has been made mandatory for organizations that operate in Europe starting from May, 2018.

AZAAN follows a methodological approach for project management of GDPR compliance. This approach called “Integrated Implementation Methodology”, developed by PECB, is based on best practices. The methodology based on PDCA cycle and divided into four phases: Plan, Do, Check, Act. Each phase has between 2 and 9 steps. 

GDPR-Applicability-GuidelineSource: PECB


AZAAN Approach to perform GDPR Assessment:

  1. Understand the organization’s mission, objectives, and values and their alignment with data protection objectives.
  2. Analyze the External and Internal Environment.
  3. Analyze the challenges and issues that organizations may face during the implementation of the GDPR requirements.
  4. Identify and understand the key processes, activities, infrastructure of the organization.
  5. Determine what objectives the organization wants to achieve by complying with GDPR.
  6. Perform Data Mapping.
  7. Perform Risk Assessment.
  8. Perform Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

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