Cybersecurity Assessment

The protection of information assets by addressing threats to information processed, stored, and transported by internetworked information systems.

Considering the impact of security threats in our everyday life, cybersecurity becomes very important on its role. Maybe Cybersecurity is not needed if we consider that only physical threats might affect us by harming our body. However, we are all concerned about the information we have which is processed every day, and if we do not consider this as a very important fact, then this could lead to any sort of damage. 

A cybersecurity Assessment accurately assesses your network or applications that may provide opportunities for exploitation. It helps to find the weaknesses in your critical assets, validate and mitigate with a corrective action plan.

What We Offer:

AZAAN has the team and the industry experts who perform a detailed GAP assessment against the International recognized standards such as ISO/IEC 27032 (Guidelines for Cybersecurity) and the famous NIST Cybersecurity Framework, to provide assurance that current practices are aligned to international best practices. Not only that the GAP assessment is reviewing existing practices, but is also reviewing any policies, processes and procedures that may exist in order to assess their alignment with the referenced standard and establish the level of maturity of your information security processes, based on the five (5) functions of Information security program.


A cybersecurity assessment is an integral part of an enterprise cybersecurity program.

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