Certified Security Compliance Specialist – CSCS™


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The CSCS™ Program is the first and only program in the world that provides a comprehensive treatment of major Information Security regulations and standards. You can expect to learn and understand core requirements of the following from the CSCS™ program:

  • ISO 27002
  • Information Security Requirements

The Certified Security Compliance Specialist™ (CSCS™) credential is a job-role based designation. This program is designed to enable professionals to understand, prioritize and ultimately assist organizations achieve compliance with Information Security-based regulations.

The Certified Security Compliance Specialist™ (CSCS™) is a unique program of its type in the compliance and security industries – indeed the first of its type in the world. It is laser-beam focused on thoroughly examining compliance requirements and establishing best practices that can be applied in securing today’s digital business information infrastructure.

CSCS™ Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: PCI DSS
Module 3: Healthcare Information Security
Case Study: Risk Analysis

Module 4: ISO 27000
Module 5: ISO 27001
Module 6: ISO 27002
Case Study: ISO 27001 Certification

Module 7: U.S. Federal & State Regulations
Module 8: NIST Standards & Guidance
Module 9: Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Case Study: Conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Module 10: Cyber Security Strategy
Case Study: Anatomy of a Policy


The CSCS™ exam is delivered at the conclusion of the instructor-led 2-day program. The exam validates knowledge and skill sets in information security for the legislations, standards and frameworks delivered in class.

The exam comprises two parts, a practical session during which students work together in groups to solve real world problems using the skills learned on day 1 and a multiple-choice paper exam.

The practical session accounts for 25% of the overall exam score and will be marked in “real-time” during the group presentations. These scores will be pre-entered on the multiple-choice paper so that each student knows what they have to achieve from the second part of the exam.

The multiple-choice paper consists of 60 questions; time allowed: 60 minutes.

Examination Areas Percentage of Exam
US National and State Standards (FISMA, NIST, State Regulations) 15%
International Standards (ISO 27001, PIP, PIPEDA, DPA) 15%
Business Regulations (PCI DSS, SOC2) 15%
Healthcare Regulations (HIPAA, HITECH, ISO 27799) 15%
Cyber Security Strategy (Risk Analysis and Management, Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Planning) 15%
Total 75%

Scores from the practical and multiple-choice exams are added together and to achieve CSCS™ certification students must achieve an overall score of 75% or more.

To know more about the course fee, training schedule and other details, write to us at: hafiz.ahmed@azaanbiservices.com

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